Pros And Cons Of LED Video Board Display

Everyone must have seen science fiction movies of 80’s and 90’s. Whenever the outdoor scene will be shown, everyone must have noticed that digital screens where used for advertisement. In those times, this seems to be fantasy and really futuristic approach of advertisement. But now it has been achieved. We can see thousands of screens in various shapes and sizes. This has revolutionized the advertisement industry and how these screens are changing our perception.

With every innovation has its pros and cons. Same can be said about LED screens. But if we go into detail analysis of the scenario, we will agree that advantages of LED screens are more than its disadvantages.


  1. Effectiveness- The LED screen is the most effective targeting tool for people. The LED screen give more landscape to design the advertisement. You can have lot of information on LED screen. Especially when videos will be streamed then, those videos can deliver the complete message in very short time. It is effective way getting attention of people as you will be getting more
  2. Catchy- No doubt LED video screens are catchy. You are a kid or adult; you can’t ignore the running video in front of you. Even subconsciously it will be communicating its message to you. Yes, as there will be different frames coming on the screen, that make it impossible to ignore. Now the technology in video making so advance, that wonderful videos can be made. These videos are most interactive version of advertisement.
  3. Efficient- In older time, you have to change the vinyl on the billboards for every client. But now you can get as many clients you want and even you work with all of the simultaneously. This increase the efficiency of the area. The same space is now used for more advertisement as compare to past.


  1. Expensive-The LED video boards are expensive to install. If you are buying good quality LED screens, that it will be hefty investment. Not only this, the advertisement slot on the video screen is also expensive
  2. Short attention Span- Whenever the LED screens will be displaying videos for multiple clients, that it means that each video or ad will get limited time ion the screen. As people usually have short attention span, so seeing multiple ads in one go that might blur the decision making. Because seeing multiple ads will not in short time, will jumble up too much information which will not help to make better decision. There is good chance that each video has limited time on the screen, the protentional customers will miss the video whenever they look at the screen.

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