Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Do Effective Branding For Your Company By Giving Out Corporate Gifts To Your Customers

The practice of giving out corporate gifts and stationary is a crucial step for the successful branding of your company and establishing yourself as a caring bank which understands and respects customer sentiments. The fostering of goodwill and trust is evolved by engaging in this activity of brand promotion. Your customers will develop positive sentiments about your company and will promote your brand as the one which respects and goes a great length to garner client satisfaction.

You can extend your marketing activities by putting up the stalls and booths in trade shows, conferences and public seminars. This idea of gifting out promotional products Australia proves very useful in these public events which showcase your company’s product and services. You can make your booth attractive to audience by engaging your visitors to an interactive game and handing out the goodies such as company branded pens, pads or endorsed carry bags or kits bearing your company logo. This will play a dual role of direct marketing of your brand name along with fostering goodwill among your potential clientele and getting new customers in return. 

In such events it is important for you to dress up your marketing and sales team in matching corporate apparel attire; preferably that which bears your logo. This removes confusion and greatly assists your potential customers and audience to quickly spot their chosen booth and accordingly approach your staff for queries and clarifications on your showcased products and services. This strategy also gives to a great publicity benefit for reaching out to your potential customers.

For any successful event of this size and nature, it is important for your staff to be well prepared in advanced to meet the objective of this branding and awareness exercise of your company. Each of the staff members present at the booth should demonstrate very good communication skills and exhibit professional courtesy and warmth to the potential new clients. They should be ready with the conference sachets along with the company’s brochure and be prepared to answer the basic queries regarding your portfolio of offerings. Giving out goodies such as printed mugs as souvenirs with your logo embossed on them is also helpful in spreading the awareness about your brand. Conference satchels are another common promotional product used by many companies.

For generating any good leads, it is very important to ask the visitors visiting your booth to leave their visiting cards or supply their contact details for following up with them via emails, warm calls or SMS’s to see if they were interested in availing the services and product offerings which they saw and appreciated while visiting your booth. This will definitely generate some quick and confident business deals. The key here is to quickly follow up procedures to increase the chances of generating maximum leads.

However, we need to remember that a successful brand promotion also involves sending the promotional emails and text messages only once. If a client requests or asks not to be disturbed, it is best to respect customer privacy and not to bombard him / her with unnecessary calls or emails. After all, business is founded on the pillar of trust alone!

Travelling Abroad? Your Phone And Internet Costs Might Worry You

When travelling abroad, most people tend to simply ditch their phones behind because they simply can’t use their communication functions, unless they pay some hefty price. However, with the increasing globalization trends and the development of better communication methods, the prices incurred by your phone when abroad have drastically reduced themselves. Depending on how you plan to use your phone’s services, there are a number of options that you can resort to. Read on below to find out:

If You’re Not Planning to Use Your Phone Save For Internet

If you have no plans of using your phone to contact your family and friends back at home, then simply disable your SIM or turn on the airplane mode (whilst leaving the WiFi radio). This way, you will not incur any costs for using your SIM outside of your home country, but you will be able to join any nearby WiFi connections, which you’ll be able to get in two main ways:

• Use local WiFi hotspots – Just about any Western country like USA, UK and France wifi in many public areas, but you might not be as lucky in developing countries, where internet services are still lagging behind.

• Use a Rental Service/ International SIM – In the case of the former, you’ll be renting a small device which will connect you to the internet using the local services; countries like Japan and Korea WiFi services for international use – a prime example includes Yota Egg. The latter explains itself – a SIM capable of being used in a number of countries.

If You’re Planning to Use Your Phone

If you want to contact your family and friends back at home, then simply having an internet connection might not be enough for you (in the sense where you want them to be able to reach you from your phone number). In this case, you have again two options, but keep in mind that this is quite costly, so do not forget about the data and phone costs you might incur!

• Sign up for your mobile carrier’s roaming data plan – this is recommended only if you’re going to have a short stay abroad – that is, somewhere that does not exceed two weeks. With this method, you can use all your phone’s services with you regular phone number, however, keep in mind that prices are very hefty, and the deals are not exactly good (i.e. a small data package for a large price).

• Buy a local SIM – this is the best option for you if you’re planning to have a long stay abroad – for example, if you’re going to study abroad, or if you plan to visit the specific country a number of times per year.